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Owen Thorpe studied painting & lithography at Harrow Art School (NDD 1961) and teacher training at Southampton University (ATD 1962).

Started pottery with Michael Dowdeswell in Southgate, London in 1968. Largely self-taught with occasional visits from Michael Casson whose unstinting advice and demonstrations set him on the right path.

Set up own pottery in Ealing, London in 1969 – a densely populated suburb where electric firing was the only possible method available.

Taught pottery in Fulham and South Kensington Institute during this period; building a business during the day and teaching in the evenings.

Elected Fellow of Craft Potters Association in 1974.

Moved to Priestweston, Shropshire in 1975 – to Churchstoke, Powys in 1980 and back to Priestweston in 2000




MONTGOMERY, POWYS SY15 6DE  TEL: 03330 144 051